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Foam, gel or liquid

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Smart Hand Machine


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To prevent alcohol volatilization

Black Technology

For normal temperature and hyperthermia

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to prevent cross-contamination



Model Name RR-SHWM
Size 140*280*155mm
Weight 0.98kg
Output voltage 5V
Operating power 3W
Certificates CE, ROHS, FCC, PSE
High temperature alarm Yellow light : 37.4℃-38.5℃
Red light: 38.5℃-42.9℃
Support Languages Total 13 Global Languages:
00 Chinese; 01 English; 02 Korea; 03 Germany; 04 Italian; 05 French; 06 Spanish; 07 Russia; 08 Arabic; 09 Hindi; 10 Bengalese; 11 Portuguese; 12 Japanese
Infrared Sensor Imported sensor from USA
Measuring distance 8-15cm
Capacity 1000ml
Power supply 4pcs 5A battery/USB line
Liquid types Disposable hand sanitizer,Ordinary hand sanitizer, Alcohol
Material ABS+PC
Installation method wall hanging / bracket fixing/ On Desk
Advantage Use Black technology to prevent the liquid flowing on the PCB board when the machine is turned over and causing damage to the machine;


  1. Using the high-precision infrared sensor: ±0.1°;*Stable and reliable performance, automatic body temperature detection and automatic dispensing of hand sanitizer in one: Body temperature Measuring and hands washing;
  2. Can measure human body temperature and object surface temperature;
  3. Disinfection is more convenient: Put your hands close to the spray nozzle, the machine will spray the alcohol or liquid dripping to wash hands;
  4. Strong environmental temperature adaptability, can still be used normally in complex environments.
  5. The large-size digital display shows clear and soft display: Up to 1000ml
  6. Two temperature units, Celsius and Fahrenheit, can be selected
  7. Multiple languages can satisfy most regions: 13 different world languages;
  8. Intelligent power saving and automatic wake-up.