Population Safety Solutions
proposed by Solution Creators Technology
As screen technology advances and a greater number of video surveillance monitors become available, many professionals are looking for the best monitors for security cameras to reap the benefits from new security technology or CCTV systems in varied environments, even meeting the requirements from critical environments. While factors such as objectives, location, scale, and budget often dictate the type of security monitor solutions adopted, qualities such as reliability, efficiency, and longevity remain mainstays in purchasing decisions for security professionals and project managers.


surveillance monitor or a CCTV monitor


DVR or NVR Support

Supports for any kind of storage medium


Operational Safety

Using different safety solutions we can ensure zero lapse

Welcome to our Tech-based Solutions.

More than video display, Solution Creators Technology’s LCD Screens are vital to get the best image quality when the high resolution can match the camera megapixels. Solution Creators’s high quality of professional LCD Technology products, with built-in Night Mode, CCTV Mode, and Super Resolution image enhancement, can fully present the true security camera footage and even enhance the image more naturally.

What is a
Safety Surveillance Screen?

A security monitor, also known as a surveillance monitor or a CCTV monitor, is a screen that can display the event live or recorded footage.

What makes our
solutions the best out there?

Solution Creators’ slate of video surveillance screen is purposefully constructed to feature a multitude of options to cover the spectrum of needs.

Video Quality

When it comes to high image quality in surveillance videos, users must consider more factors to achieve the best on-screen images other than the camera performance.

and night mode

Dims the Backlight Level in a dark environment, remains the clear viewing with high visibility for reliable navigation fed by the CCTV or recorder devices.

Video Connectivity

Choosing a surveillance monitor with multiple video inputs to allow system integrators and installers to better configure their solutions without extra switch equipment.

Long-term Product
Supply with Cost Effectiveness

Large-scale projects require multiple combinations of surveillance monitors, systems, cameras, BNC cables, and other equipment, which takes testing time & cost.