scmfuv disinfectio robot

Point disinfection

Recycle disinfection

Ultraviolet disinfection

Dry fog disinfection

SC MFUV | Disinfection Robot Sizes

500*500*1350 mm

Autonomous Intelligent Services

Fully autonomous navigation

Super capacity of disinfectant.

Voice broadcast customization

Self-obstacle avoidance

Low power automatic recharge


SC MFUV | Disinfection Robot Features

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Efficient & Convenient To Use

4 short-wave UVC ultraviolet sterilization lamp

Twice a day Usage

“treatment and prevention of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus”

Strong Ultraviolet

Irradiation intensity of ultraviolet disinfection lamp

Operation environment

Indoor environment, flat and smooth ground


Dimension500*500*1350 mm
Disinfectant volume15L
Spraying ParameterSpraying output: 2-4L/h; Spray particle size <10µm.
Number of ultrasonic atomization sets6 sets of ultra-dry atomizing nozzles
Applicable disinfectantHydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, and peroxyacetic acid
Ultraviolet radiation intensityEach group: > 90µW/cm²
Number of ultraviolet lampsFour sets of  UVC ultraviolet germicidal lamps, with 360 ° coverage for irradiation
Disinfection method ( Three methods for choice)Ultrasonic dry spray disinfection
Ultraviolet irradiation disinfection
Ultrasonic dry spray disinfection + Ultraviolet irradiation disinfection
Moving speed0-0.8m/s
Maximum climbing angleSlope ≤ 3°
Network interfaceWIFI/4G/ Bluetooth
Battery capacityDC 48V 15Ah
Rated power150W
Standby currentStandby current is less than 0.5A
Endurance timeabout 6 hours
Standby timeStandby time is greater than 48 hours
Life span20,000 h
Temperature and humidity for operation0-45℃, RH: 5%-85%, no dust
Operation environmentIndoor environment, flat and smooth ground
Charging modeAutomatic/manual charging
Input voltageInput rated voltage for charging port and adapter:100- 240Va.c/50-60Hz
Storage temperature0℃-60℃