Malls & Advertising Solutions
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Over the years, the formatting and style of utilizing in-store and shopping mall advertising to entice customers have undergone numerous changes and upgrades. Until a few years ago, it was almost unheard of for large-scale shopping centers to incorporate digital and interactive advertising screens and kiosks. As technology continues to advance, however, our world is becoming more akin to The Jetsons’ universe. Advertisers and shopping centers either need to keep up with the growing advanced demands of their consumers or risk falling behind.

Multi-ad displaying kiosks

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DVR or NVR Support

Supports for any kind of storage medium


Operational Safety

Using different safety solutions we can ensure zero lapse

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More than video display, Solution Creators Technology’s LCD Screens are vital to get the best image quality when the high resolution can match the camera megapixels. Solution Creators’s high quality of professional LCD Technology products, with built-in Night Mode, CCTV Mode, and Super Resolution image enhancement, can fully present the true security camera footage and even enhance the image more naturally.

Store Directories

The purpose of store directories is to help customers access a list of all of the stores inside the mall and quickly locate them. Customers can either search through a comprehensive alphabetical list of all of the stores in the mall or they can conduct a search query to find the exact store they’re looking for. Advanced wayfinding and location-based technology have made it possible for customers to navigate their way through even the most complicated shopping mall setup.


Kiosk displays are possibly the most effective form of indoor advertising for malls. They help retailers reach their target consumers on a large scale because they’re generally located in the centre of shopping centres rather than just at entrances. As people are walking past, the images and short interactive video clips that appear on the screen are used to essentially grab people’s attention and convince them to shop at the store being advertised. This is an excellent way to entice new customers who might not have heard of your store or product and encourage them to walk over to your store. You can even display the location of the store within the mall.

Interactive Touchscreen Displays

It’s important for shopping mall owners to invest in the most rugged interactive touchscreen displays on the market. Within the span of one day, countless people and even children are likely to use these machines, so they have to be able to handle almost anything that’s thrown at them. This can mean rough usage, sticky fingers, spills, and so much more. As the technology continues to move forward, these machines are built to be structurally long-lasting and durable.

Electronic Billboards and Screens

Electronic billboards inside shopping centres help customers stay informed about all of the latest and ongoing sales and promotions inside the mall. Customers can learn about different stores and products they might not necessarily have heard of previously but that might be of interest to them. This is an excellent way for retailers to generate mass appeal and reach their established target audiences simultaneously.

Wall-Mounted and Free-Standing Displays

Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether wall-mounted or free-standing displays would work best for a certain environment. Since malls are generally overcrowded during their peak hours, it might make more sense to install free-standing digital displays because they offer much more versatility and portability than their wall-mounted counterparts. However, this is something the mall management should gauge based on their specific location and general customer-base.

Floor Stand Displays

Floor stand displays are usually double-sided so that customers can interact with one side and advertisements can be displayed on the other. They’re generally very durable and convenient for customers to use. It helps to have a minimum of two standing next to one another so that multiple people can use them at the same time. They boast high-quality rugged LCD displays and can be used in almost any indoor commercial environment.