aesthetic feature

Sleek Design

technology embedded


Tripod, Desktop or Wall

Installation options

temperature detection

Medical Grade

Thermal & Facial Recognition Machine

SC-L2 Linux OS

Highlighting facts
to check compliance

Mask Detection

for employee monitoring

Attendance Check

For normal temperature and hyperthermia

Instant Alarm

Single click for Centigrade & Fahrenheit

Switch Mode

Desktop, tripod or wall-mounted

Installation Options

to prevent cross-contamination


SC-L2 Features

Long battery time on charging

Power Backup

Stores up to 100000 faces

Storage Databse

High-end LCD technology

Bright Display

Supports 15 different languages

Multi-lingual interface


No.Features5inch 7 inch 10inch LINUX8inch Android system
1Voice broadcast of name and temperature valueSupport broadcast name and temperature value at the same time.Linux system machine don’t support, only support based on Android system
2Voice switches according to demandSupport use the tool to upload custom voiceNeed Custom Development
3UI custom uploadSupport upload the UI interface according to customer demand, support display customer LOGONeed Custom Development
4Language switchProvide the tool, can be translated into any language, custom uploadNeed Custom Development
5LanguageSupport Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, and other languages, can be customized (can be completed within one week according to requirements)Support
6Mask RecognitionSupports mask detection, no mask prompt; supports mask recognition, can recognize the person when wearing a maskSupport
7Thermodynamic diagram algorithmReal-time display of thermodynamic diagram for quick alignment of the forehead temperature, to facilitate rapid detectionNeed to match the face area on the display
8Thermal imaging detectionUsing Heimann thermal imaging body temperature detection sensor, high accuracy, with 1024 detection points16*4
9Abnormal body temperature alarmSupport external relay alarm, support 485 protocol output alarm, support IO port output alarmonly support relay alarm
10Stand-alone useEnter the IP address on Android tablet/computer, can be used in real-time and export records, don’t need to install any extra softwareneed install the software on Android tablet/ computer
11Multi-machine networkingIndependent server optional, manage multiple devices at the same time, not limited by networkneed to install the special software and required to maintain at all times
12Saas public cloud platformFree public cloud service, quickly experience and usenot cloud service
13Saas private cloud deploymentHave deployment software, can be provided after sign the agreementnot support
14Support multi API developmentProvide free platform API, device-side API, Chinese and Englishcan provide the Android API
15Multi accessories support for rapid installationMultiple standard accessories support for quick deployment scenarios, such as camera tripod, desktop bracket, wall bracket, floor stand, gate bracket, waterproof bracket, all in stockNeed Customize
16Advertising FunctionSupport uploading 8 advertisement pictures/videos for advertisement display when no one using the machine, can be used for epidemic prevention propaganda, playing attention matters, advertisement propagandaSupport
15Multiple optional function moduleNFC/WIFI/4G Module/QR code moduleSupport Customize
16Multiple interface portWG, RS485, fire alarm, bandit alarm, gate switch, relay switchWG   gate switch relay swich
17Eigenvalue registration and recognitionSupport to direct entry facial feature value, the capacity is 200,000 faces, no need to download photos
18Multiple optional sizes5” 7” 10.1” option8inch
20Linux SystemStable than Android system
21Industrial-grade CPUUsing Samsung industrial-grade CPU, can working under 85℃ high temperatureAndroid system RK3288