1-Skin Material
The special modified M-TPE new material makes the difference of the product feel no longer just a little bit.

It uses a self-modified TPE material, the elasticity is two times higher than normal TPE, so it’s not easy to tear, more secure, reliable, stable and of more comfort touch feeling.

2-Function description
 Self presupposition: users can preset “welcome words” or “advertising slogans” according to their needs (Available both in English and Chinese).
 Support second development, can provide SDK
 Self learning, free communication, free chat (Available both in English and Chinese).
 Body movements: politeness, bow, neck, eyes, eyelids and so on can be simulated.
 Voice control, language switching, storytelling, game interaction, etc.
 Self induction, self set question and answer
 Branding, singing, welcoming words, etc.
 Multi communication mode: WIFI\HOTPOIT\4G

(customized) Bluetooth
 Independent work: after the system starts, work autonomously, charge once, and last for more than 24 hours.

3-Application Place
As a new generation of applied artificial intelligence products, in addition to the more high-end and stable hardware, its intelligent voice system is also upgraded to the voice database developed by our company. It not only has the ability of real-time data acquisition, but also has better autonomous learning ability. It can be widely used in hotels. And other fields, such as enterprises, shopping malls or wedding.