Banks & Corporate Solutions
proposed by Solution Creators Technology
Ensure that your customers are aware of the benefits of your full range of new and existing banking and financial products and corporate services.

LCD signage and interactive LCD displays are an effective and easy way to deliver dynamic messages at strategic times of the day to customers and staff.


Advertising Displays

customers want to feel a connection


Touch Screens

Interactive touch screen displays are vital


Window Displays

Dominated in high streets up and down the country

Welcome to our Tech-based Solutions.

More than video display, Solution Creators Technology’s LCD Screens are vital to get the best image quality when the high resolution can match the camera megapixels. Solution Creators’s high quality of professional LCD Technology products, with built-in Night Mode, CCTV Mode, and Super Resolution image enhancement, can fully present the true security camera footage and even enhance the image more naturally.

What is the
best use of LCD Solutions?

Introduce new services and products to your customers

How can we
assist our customers?

Display foreign exchange rates and interest rates

How to
appeal to more visitors?

You can always Bring new customers into the branch. Welcome visitors to your bank or offices

LCD Solutions
Improve Customer Experience

Improve customer services and customer relations

Reduce customer
perceived waiting time

Don’t put your customer on waiting, use LCD solutions and interactive displays

Quick response
to emergency situation

Display urgent or important messages instantly – locally or across a network