Storage capacity

100000 Faces

for staff identification

RFID Technology

Tripod, Desktop or Wall

Installation options

temperature detection

Medical Grade

Thermal & Facial Recognition Machine

SC-A1 Android

Highlighting facts
to check compliance

Mask Detection

for employee monitoring

Attendance Check

For normal temperature and hyperthermia

Instant Alarm

Single click for Centigrade & Fahrenheit

Switch Mode

Desktop, tripod or wall-mounted

Installation Options

to prevent cross-contamination


SC-A1 Features

Long battery time on charging

Power Backup

Stores up to 100000 faces

Storage Databse

High-end LCD technology

Bright Display

Supports 15 different languages

Multi-lingual interface


Product modelcategoryperformance parameter



Ā Resolution ratio500W
focalĀ length0-2m
white balanceself-motion


size8 “, full view IPS LCD screen
Resolution ratio800*1280luminance400
processorCPU4 nuclear RK3288
Flash memoryDDR2G
Internal StorageEMMC8G


Flash LED LEDInfrared + three-color supplementary light lamp
Card reading module (optional)IC/ID card reader thermal imaging temperature detection module
Network moduleSupport wired, 2.4GWIFI, 4G(optional)


frequencyOne way audio output analog small signal (optional)
USB interfaceTwo way USB
serial port1 channel RS232 interface


  1. Wide dynamic monocular, binocular living anti-counterfeiting, to solve all kinds of photos, video fraud door
  2. Real-time temperature monitoring, temperature tolerance range accurate to 0.1-0.3, temperature detection distance 0.3-3 meters;
  3. Support not wearing masks
  4. The local storage of the device supports a maximum of 20,000 faces;
  5. Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, French, German, and other multiple languages;
  6. Support LED intelligent lighting;
  7. Support RS232 serial port, Weigen 26, 34 output, output content support configuration;


It is applicable to public services and management projects such as office areas, hotels, gateway gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, construction sites, and other places that need face access control or temperature measurement.


  1. NA Face recognition, 20,000 faces are supported in the face library, and the topI survival rate is 99.99%;
  2. 1:1 person verification accuracy rate above 99%;
  3. Fast recognition speed:
  4. human face tracking and detection consumption of 2.0 ms (b) human face characteristic extraction consumption of 2.0 ms
  5. life detection and detection of human face consumption of 0 ms
  6. feature comparison of 0.2 ms (d) cost of 0.5ms (1 0000 face database, multiple recognition is taken as average)
  7. Strangers detection is supported, and the level of strangers can be configured;
  8. Support the saving of scene photos during face recognition or stranger detection;